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The Hidden Points of Inserting Images in Web Design

        A plain background is not attractive in your website background, right? It is undeniable that most people enjoy viewing a website with at least a photo rather than a plain and wordy website. Words help you to convey your message but sometimes an image can voice out for you too.

For example, one of the messages from this image is playing football alone is lonely as you do not have teammates to pass the ball to you. Words is not needed in this image as the messages portray is clear.

Here are some important points that you should take note if you are planning to design a new website soon:

1. Attract attention and provoke viewers’ emotion

Attention and emotion are important to your branding website as the urge to purchase products display on your website come from customers’ emotion and desire. Most people prefer visiting a website with images as it will be more surprising and they will know how effective your products are. Posting images of a model using your products along with your written content is a good idea. This is because this will evoke the viewers’ attention and desire for owning your products display on your website.

2. Build an identity

The viewers will want to know which website they are viewing. Your website will speak for you. Remember not to decorate your website with lots of unnecessary images that are unrelated to your content. Apart from your logo, images can help you to build your website identity. Whenever the viewers think of your images, they might have thought of your brand. An impressive and brainwashing image will help you to achieve a higher sales target as the images will help you to promote, advertise and sell your products.

3. Build a good first impression

Images and logos can help you to build a good first impression. Wordy content is not encouraging as people might not remember the caption or the content but they will remember the images. An attractive and effective image can help you build a good first impression apart from building your website identity.
If you are unsure whether you should insert any images into your website, you are welcome to contact web design Malaysia for assistance.

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